genever bibliography

Distilled from grain nurtured in the soil of Belgium and the Netherlands, genever embodies the spirit, creativity, and resiliency of the culture that created it. Surviving five centuries of wars and prohibitions, genever was perfected and spread across the world. During its evolution, genever inspired the creation of gin and secured a place at America's early cocktail bars. Whether you are a spirit connoisseur or a burgeoning mixologist, Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle provides an enlightening review of genever's colorful past and offers tempting options for making it part of your future. Written by Veronique Van Acker - Beittel.

"The best book on genever we have ever read and the only one on Belgian genever we know of. A MUST have book in your spirits library if you are at all interested in gin, genever and where it all began...."